This is the README of the package: femonspeak-0.1.tar.bz2

femonspeak is a bash-script that uses your sound-systenm to output the SNR of a DVB device.
You need a modified version of femon, included in this package.

(c) 2005 by Frank Scherthan
this Prog AND the wavs are FREE software, released under GPL (

My Sat-dish is about 50m away from my VDR. After running 10-20 times through the house, changing the dish, running to my VDR to see the SNR, running back to my dish, running back to my vdr, my wife had enough (me too!). I needed a way to move around my dish AND knowing the SNR.
Instead of paying 5 euros for a satfinder, I sat down and wrote this script...

make sure you have SOX installed (you need 'play' from the sox-package) 
Install a small programm, that can use your sound-hardware to output wav-files and change the script
''. (I tried 'aplay' from ALSA, that worked fine!)

to build the modifies version of femon (I just striped the infos about adapter and frontend when femon starts and removed the loop of femon)

Don't install anything. Just cd to this dir.

Use some software to tune to a channel like szap.
I use VDR with XINE-Plugin, but kill xine, to have a free audio-device. This way I can change channels with VDR...

20050813 initial version (V 0.1)

Sorry: You will hear my voice when you use this Software ;)
I really hope this script is usefull...


Frank aka Taros666